Not sure if appointing an architect is best for your needs,weespaces is a new easy access service being offered to clients by chartered architect Gary Sinclair

For a SINGLE ONE OFF FEE and WITHOUT further commitment from you to any on-going architectural commission, weespaces involves Gary visiting your site, discussing your requirements and providing you with advice on your existing property and the possible options for alterations or amendments to meet your needs.

A chartered architect with 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial architectural design and construction and an RIAS Certified Domestic Energy Designer; Gary's input can help you to develop a ‘project brief’ that allows you to plan the best ways to amend or alter your property to best suit your needs.

The weespaces service allows you to share your own ideas about your property with a qualified architect and discuss various options for anything from alternative use of existing spaces, to the possibility of extending or altering your site or building to meet your requirements.

For a single flat rate £100 fee, Gary will spend up to 2 hours with you at your property, discuss your requirements, listen to your own ideas and offer advice on design, construction, building regulations and other statutory permissions that may be required to achieve your aims.

While there is NO further commitment required from you after the visit; on request, Gary can summarise any options discussed for consideration at your leisure and as required, provide you with estimates for a range of on-going services tailored to suit your particular requirements.

just E-MAIL OR CALL TODAY to take advantage of one of Gary's exclusive weespaces appointments.