weespaces gives you the chance to ask all the questions you want and consider lots of alternatives for changing the way you live

The solution is often something you might have already considered or alternatively just a different way to achieve the same aim, I love a challenge and dialogue with you the client, on site, is always the best forum for you to explain things to help me start developing solutions for you.

While the images below illustrate first client presentations of following design work carried out as part of an on-going architectural service, the 'weespaces' consultation visit was the first step on the path to developing these designs.

Alterations and new living area extension to existing dwelling in Aberdeenshire construction to begin in mid 2016.


Alterations and new kitchen / sun room extension to existing dwelling in Angus Glens completed 2015.


Alterations and additions of kitchen, bedrooms and dining room to existing single storey dwelling in Angus completed 2014.